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Matrics of 2022, you can still study this year!

After a long wait, the matrics of 2022 received their matric results at last. Congratulations to everyone! Perhaps you are wondering: What now? You completed your schooling and now you wonder what comes next. If you think of studying during 2023, Akademia has good news for you. Although applications for studying at most higher education institutions have already closed for this year, applications for undergraduate studies in 2023 at Akademia are still open up to and including 31 January.

“We want to give school leavers enough time to decide which field of study would suit them best,” explained Liana van Rooy, registrar of Akademia. “Akademia offers various fields of study in different faculties, where students can follow their passion. We therefore want to give the matrics of 2022 enough time to go through their matric results and still to start studying this year.”

Akademia also offers prospective students the choice to study om campus full-time, or at one of the countrywide study centres, or even via e-learning from anywhere in the world.

The after-hours distance model offers a convenient class timetable with classes in the evenings and sometimes at weekends to enable students to work through the day or to pursue other interests. Students on this model receive optimal academic support of lecturers and the online learning management platform called the Spens (the online platform where you receive all your academic reading matter, study material and important information). There is also an A-community where you can socialise and build relationships with fellow students.

If students would rather participate in a full-time class experience, there is the option to study at the Centurion campus. The campus offers a cafeteria, client service centre, library, a residence, an auditorium, as well as other facilities providing student support. Here students can be part of the vibrant student life and attend classes on a full-time basis during the day – while building networks for life going forward.

Regardless of the instruction model you decide on, all first-years also have free access to an online course to master the art of being a student – even before orientation starts early in February. This course was developed to bridge the gap from being a school learner to becoming a student and will prepare you for a successful journey with your studies. During the course, useful themes such as basic computer skills, how to prepare for the academic year, academic language and writing skills, basic academic research and tips on how to complete assessments are covered.

All first-years are also invited to the annual first-year camp which promises to be an outstanding event. The camp commences on 31 January 2023 at the Wag ’n Bietjie camping site just outside Pretoria. At the camp you will have the opportunity to learn more about Akademia and its values and to meet your student council and some of the staff of the institution. You will also have the chance to cultivate lifelong friendships with your fellow students, or so-called fellow Fonties. “We hope you can join the camp and really become part of the Akademia family. We are eager to meet you!”, said Douard d’Assonville, manager of Student Affairs.

What are you waiting for? Avail yourself of the opportunity and apply online now to study at a world-class Afrikaans higher education institution. Start your career journey at Akademia – where the intellect and the heart meet.

Akademia offers you the choice to study on campus full-time or via the after-hours distance model.
First-year Fonties gather at the exciting first-year camp every year.
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