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2021 top achiever in BCom Financial Planning talks about her study journey at Akademia

Akademia’s 2021 top achiever in the BCom (Financial Planning) qualification, Natasja Jansen, talks about her experience as a part-time student at this institution.

Jansen, originally from Bloemfontein, was exposed to the financial industry from a very young age, seeing that her father is a financial advisor. ‘I was privileged to know from a very young age that my passion absolutely is people and planning—and what is better than to do both and become a financial advisor,’ she said. She sat through her very first consultation while doing shadow work during high school. I was sure then that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.’

After school, she had a full-time position as an administrative secretary; she completed her qualification in Financial Planning at Akademia at the same time. Jansen had the desire to study BCom (Financial Planning) because the qualification encompasses the different fields of welfare and risk management. ‘The qualification is extensive and enables you, as young advisor, to accrue knowledge on different levels and to be able to study further,’ she said.

Akademia’s after-hour education model also makes it possible for other students like herself, who study BCom (Financial Planning), to gain their two years’ applicable work experience while she studies and speeds up her path to a professional career. ‘The fact that Akademia gives students the opportunity to study while working definitely caught my attention; it is one of the main reasons why I eventually applied to study at Akademia.’

The fact that the qualification could be completed in her mother tongue was yet another bonus for Jansen. ‘I agonised between deciding on different universities in my hometown and Akademia enabled me to make a free choice to study in Afrikaans from any place in the world.’

‘Because Akademia’s program is approved by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI-accreditation), it confirms once again that Akademia offers high-quality training,’ she said. Through this qualification, she also meets the FAIS legal requirements of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

Jansen currently works at Old Mutual in Bloemfontein as a financial advisor after graduating with honours in 2021. She is also currently working on her Postgraduate Qualification in Financial Planning at the University of the Free State. She says that it is possible for her to make a radical difference in the lives of her clients today because of her qualification at Akademia and the practical experience it provided.

‘Akademia helped build my financial advisor career on the right foundations and it made me draw ahead of my colleagues in this industry,’ she said. ‘By studying BCom (Financial Planning) I have the advantage of planning my future at a young age by applying legislation to my advantage and understanding the bigger picture of the world of finances. You learn methods of wealth management so that you can sustain optimal growth and cost savings,’ she said. 

She confidently recommends a career in this field. ‘A career in financial planning is never boring, and it is an exciting field where every client’s circumstances are unique. This qualification provides you with the processes and knowledge to be able to help every client with the best financial and legal aspects through proper planning,’ said Jansen.

Jansen is glad that she studied at Akademia. ‘You only realise the great advantage Akademia offers you when you start applying for work in your relevant field and chosen career field,’ she concluded.

Akademia wishes her the best in her career journey and watches her future with high hopes.

Natasja Jansen is a passionate alumna of Akademia and is also the 2021 top performer of the BCom (Financial Planning) class.