Studieaansoeke vir 2025 is reeds oop

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Studies as the best investment in the current economic climate

Published on: 13 November 2023

Written by Marthinus Visser, managing director of Akademia

In today’s time, post-school studies are seen as very expensive, and it takes some time to get a qualification behind your name. Of all forms of debt in the USA, student debt is the biggest – even bigger than mortgage debt. The logical question is therefore whether it is still worth the effort and money to undertake studies in the current economic climate. To formulate the question in financial terms: Is the return on my study investment worth it?

The American economist, Milton Friedman, was of the opinion that an investment in the development of people is the best return for a company. Even more so, an investment in oneself through studies is the best investment with the biggest return one can make – much better than an investment in property or the stock market.

In South Africa, the unemployment rate among graduates is very low and in line with the unemployment rates of strong Western economies. Furthermore, there are strong direct positive links between earning capacity and qualifications. One could conclude from this that, in general, people with qualifications earn more than those without.

An advantage of studying that is often overlooked is the “soft” benefits of being a student. Students are placed in study communities where they establish lifelong acquaintances, friendships and networks. Furthermore, thinking and attitudes develop which are essential to a meaningful life.  

The next question that arises when you want to embark on this exciting journey is: Where are you going to start your studies? There are several reasons why Akademia could be the ideal study home for you. The first reason is mother-tongue education. Research has proven time and time again that your mother tongue is the best language to understand better and master difficult concepts.

However, some South Africans believe that it is better to study in English because of better opportunities in the workplace. In this respect, however, it is important to make a distinction between the language of study and the language of communication. The range of vocabulary used in the workplace is usually small and quite superficial. When you immerse yourself in higher education, you are faced with complex concepts, concepts and high volumes of work that you must be able to master. The vocabulary you need to master these contents is that of a complete language. This vocabulary should also be expanded considerably during your studies. If your mother tongue is therefore Afrikaans, Akademia is an excellent choice for you to flourish academically.

The second reason why Akademia is a good study choice is because the institution places a very high premium on quality. For you to become part of an elite group of people who obtain a qualification at Akademia, you will have to work hard and honestly and master the learning contents. Quality is also further ensured by appointing lecturers who are continuously well trained. Akademia holds the view that the best lecturers have the responsibility to teach the respective modules and should not be kept out of classes because of their research load.  

Another important reason why Akademia is an ideal choice for studies is the student life. At Akademia, student life is aligned with the institution’s values, vision and raison d’etre, which aim to help shape our students as human beings. When you form part of Akademia’s bustling and vibrant student life, you also become part of a strong and active student community, regardless of whether you study on the full-time campus model or after-hours distance model.

To everyone who is considering Akademia as a place to study, thank you very much. When a tuning fork is struck, it vibrates at a certain frequency. We hope that when the Akademia tuning fork is struck that same frequency resonates in your heart. You will then be happy at Akademia and get the most out of your studies at this wonderful institution.

Marthinus Visser is the managing director of Akademia.